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Oskar Blues “G’Knight”

88 B+

G’Knight is a hybrid Strong Ale with Imperial IPA tendencies. Due to the heavy addition of amber malts, Oskar Blues have appropriately deemed this an “Imperial Red IPA” (a non-existent style). Aromas give tropical hop notes like Juicy Fruit gum. Citric characters smell of grapefruit and blood orange. Herbal characters rest below with hints of pine sap and peppery spice. Malts come across like Golden Crisp cereal, bready grains, and toffee.

The palate opens in a creamy flood of sweet malts flavored like caramel and syrup. Fruit flavors unravel into suggestions of papaya, apricot, then candied orange peel. At this point, grapefruit becomes the focal point as the sour element reaches a climax, then collides with a well-controlled, pine sappy bitterness. Sweetness continues to accumulate as thicker layers of raw cane sugar. Herbal hops encroach from the rear, delivering a bitter payload that leaves behind a final kiss of spice in its wake. The mouthfeel gives light, supportive carbonation over a rounded, medium-weight body. Sticky sugars and clingy hop oils are left behind, creating a semi-dry conclusion. Alcohol is of no concern.

Despite however malty or hoppy this may be, it’s got killer balance! The two ingredients continue to exchange weight throughout. Hop flavors are practically bursting, and keeping to a modest 60 IBU’s, the bitterness tastes fairly tame. Since this is a unique fusion beer, it’s difficult to judge, because there’s no frame of reference. Regardless of the style, G’Knight delivers good flavor and drinkability, so I recommend it.


60 IBU

Longmont, Colorado or Brevard, North Carolina

i liked this one quite a bit, but agree with the rating

this is so fucking awesome.